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1. Technology Innovation

The Company has a firm grasp on the development trends of micro-motors. We consistently explore new materials, processes, and programs in the field of micro-motor applications, especially focusing on the research and development of independent intellectual property rights. To provide to our customers with more of high-tech and high value-added products is our consistent pursue. .

 2. Fast and Effective New Product Development

For our different customers and industries, we have equipped special project team with experienced technical staffs to work with the clients, and provide effective solutions to meet their need of new products development. “New products development conferences” with customers is scheduled periodically to ensure a fast and effective product development.

3. Quality Advantage

We have a strict production management while striving for continuous improvements, routinely undergo FMEA failure mode analysis, and we use CPK analysis to process parameters to ensure our products quality stability. "Zero Defect" promise is our eternal pursuit of our goal and commitment to our customers.

4. Cost Control Advantages

Our Company's finance department has real-time monitoring of the cost of raw materials and accessories. We strive to reduce production costs as much as possible without any influence in our product quality.

5. Fast Response and Turn Around Time

The Company has established a rapid response mechanism to enable it to improve overall operational efficiency from product development, material sourcing, production to marketing chain, providing customers with the benefits of speed.


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Shenzhen YuePengCheng Motor Co., Ltd.
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