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·1999: Company foundation. Initial registered capital of one million Yuan and a rental building area of 1500 square meters. Trained staff was about 50, mainly developed and manufactured "54 Series" household appliance motors.

·2000: Started to add more motor series and began large-scale production. Expanded the factory area to 5,000 square meters to meet the production need. The number of employees increased to 300, and was known as a top-ranking company in micro-motors industry.

·2001: Added more product series such as induction motors and shaded pole motors. Recognized as a "famous brand of Chinese private enterprises" and registered one of our own brand names, Sunna Motor.

·2002: Added permanent magnet DC motors and PMDC motors. Began to export its "Sunna" Series motors internationally to Southeast Asia, Europe, United States and other markets.

·2003: Obtained the National 3C Certification as well as the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System Certification.

·2004: Moved its production lines to the Sunna industrial park that has a spacious and comfortable work environment. The number of employees totaled around 1,000, along with registered capital of 10 million Yuan. Became member of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Association.

·2005: Successfully developed brushless DC motors, synchronous motors and began mass production. Established a metal parts workshop.

·2006: Successfully developed auto wiper motors, shaking window motors, pump motors and a series of special vehicle motors.

·2007: Successfully developed a series of stepper motor and servo motors. Products certified through SGS / ROHS and REACH environmental protection.

·2008: Applied for a national patent. Set up agencies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other regions in China.
·2009: Build up a state-of-the-art motor testing center. Applied for a new national patent and passed preliminary review.
*2010: Successfully listed on NASDAQ (Ticker symbol: CELM)


Shenzhen YuePengCheng Motor Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen YuePengCheng Motor Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen YuePengCheng Motor Co., Ltd.